When I worked at CAPCOM Interactive I enjoyed testing video games. The problem with it was that I had to hear the same crappy ass music every single day. It hurt my ears. So I stood up and said something. “Listen, I produce music. Why don’t I bring in some samples of music that I can put into this new Megaman game we have coming out?”, I say with pure confidence. My boss returns, “Nah, we’ve never had music like that before in any of our games.” Exactly my point. Although it was fun, it was just a dead end. I’d try to bring up new ways of enjoying our games and ways of having creative attention grabbers but businesses don’t like “new”, but rather just to stay on the same road because it wasn’t a problem in the past. I say, “You don’t get anywhere in life that way.” Either that or dudes were afraid I might take their job and run with it? I’m not very sure but I’m glad I have time to try to make a difference in whatever I get myself into. Hopefully music. This track here I made back when I was at CAPCOM and the thought of making better music in our games arose. I’d rather listen to this while playing Megaman. The purpose was to use 8-bit sounds so that the file was small enough to be put onto a cellphone. Plus a little bit of extra t00n flavor. Enjoy!


One of US

Foghorn Leghorn always cracked me up man. He’s hilarious. I wish I can meet Mel Blanc (voice of Foghorn Leghorn). I had this sample for a pretty long time and didn’t use it until now. I don’t know, I kinda like the way beats skip sometimes, makes people create a different type of flow. I’m always for creative flow over lyrics. This video is hilarious… then the cat gets frustrated and slaps him back. I remember watching this very cartoon when I was younger and constantly laughing. He’s kickin that cats ass all throughout the full cartoon. Hilarious! And he’s just talking shit the whole time! Jokes. Enjoy!


Racing Through Time

I always wanted to do some type of beat to something like this. This is a very dope animation by the way. We need roller coasters like this. I swear I’d be at an amusement park every other month. No more than about 4 people in a car on huge race track going like 100MPH. I’d ride that shit. Enjoy!


I’m a huge scary movie fan! I watch some of scariest flicks such as REC, which I rented from Netflix. On the other hand, I watch a lot of terrible B-Rated and C-Rated scary movies. Yes, they suck pretty bad but some of the ideas used are genius work I think. I oftentimes have nightmares when I watch a scary movie at night before I shut my eyes. Sometimes I’ll wake up in a cold sweat from a nightmare or somehow I can control my dreams to where I’m not getting slashed up by some monster. i frequently have nightmares though and enjoy them. I love waking up from the scariest nightmare ever. I just like to see what my brain comes up with when I’m knocked out for a few hours. Controlling my dreams have become a tad boring when it’s a nightmare. Sometimes I like to just sit back and watch the show. I remember my ex and I seeing The Ring at the theatre. I was baffled that it sucked and amazed at how many nightmares I had after watching that flick. I might make another beat off of the way I feel about the movie after watching it a second time. It should be in my mailbox right now from Netflix. My queue consists of 90% scary movies, 5% comedies and 5% classic movies. Join me as I watch the best part of The Ring. Enjoy!

Aquaman vs Reptile Men

Whew, I was on a roller coaster on this track. Hot fire! I grew up watching Aquaman. He was one of those heroes who never gets any kind of respect what-so-ever. Any time your friends bring up a list on different types of super heroes he’s never in the conversation. I enjoy the cartoon though. I was always amazed at his ability to speak to many different sea animals and never come to the conclusion that I must suck at what I do because no real person gets to see me fight any crime. At least Batman is on the ground being seen saving folks. Aquaman, no one sees you or hears you battling “sea crime”? Haha, you tell me. Enjoy!

You’d never guess the sample, so let’s keep it that way 🙂


Oh I Love this track. I made this beat back in 2008 and bumped it for a good year until my production style changed. I felt that this movie was perfect for the track. I remember seeing this mini animated film a while back and thought it was very dope. I browse youtube quite often as you can tell by my Facebook page (I’m always throwing up some videos that I LIKE). When I saw it I visualized my beat over it but didn’t learn how to combine the two until much later. Currently I’m an intern for a famous actress and she wanted me to create a video for her actors workshop. So I did. That knowledge came in handy. In the real animated movie, the guy actually saved the rose that his wife died from. I didn’t want to put that footage in there because I felt that wasn’t what my beat was saying. If you want to know the inside info on my videos and beats, this is the website. Although you can look at my videos on YouTube, I get down to the nitty gritty here. Enjoy!


I felt this beat was a little grungy while I was putting it together. Although I’m using “Blackstar” as my visual, I feel it still demonstrates what I was thinking when I started this track. I actually never watched Blackstar as a little kid, I found some episodes online a few years ago and enjoyed it, as you should 🙂 . Enjoy!

One and Only

You guys (or ladies) ever seen a person you wish you could have at that moment in time, but he or she just walks passed and doesn’t even notice you? You ever see that person again? And again? When she walks around school or around the workplace, do people stare at her? Do leaves fall? Does the sun shine a little bit brighter? Do the people around her stand still, only eyes moving? You ever think of making love to her? What if she can’t speak English? What if she has a man already? Sometimes, do you wish, you could have her to yourself? Don’t you wish you can take that same beautiful girl and make love to her virtually? As you make love to her in your world, call her your One and Only. Enjoy!

The Quest

Everybody remembers Johnny Quest right? My father and I used to watch johnny Quest a lot. I used to keep it on Cartoon Network and he always showed up when Johnny Quest was on. I wasn’t too much of a fan of the artwork but the storyline and dialogue I thought were always dope. I can still remember the very first Johnny Quest episode where Johnny first meets Hadji. Hadji is fucken around with one of his snakes and Johnny walks up like, “Cool shit, roll with us” haha. The beat? Very weird I know. Can’t tell you the sample, but I know the first time I heard it I popped out with this track. Enjoy!

El Hero

Ah, the hero. I also like the old El Kabong cartoons haha. Quickdraw was another one of those cartoons that came on a little bit before the next 25 minute long cartoon shows. These cartoons were usually like 2-4 minutes long and I loved every second of it. This particular clip, on the other hand, was more like a commercial I remember. For some reason while making this track I pictured… Enjoy!