guitar hero

Back when I was working at EA Mobile as a game tester some of my coworkers were the nerdiest of nerds. Although I’m considered an electronic genius within my group of friends and current coworkers, I don’t think I can ever be as nerdy as those guys. As I presented them daily with work we had for the night (I worked the night shift that got off at 1AM, 2AM sometimes because I was a Lead Technician, they presented me with the nerdiest, yet coolest shit in the world. I enjoy nerdy shit although most of my life I was on the basketball court trying to help my defenders get their ankles up off the floor. One of my testers presented this to me and I was floored. How the heck did they get Raiden to fight Ken? I don’t think my team got any work done that day.

I hope she doesn’t kill me, but I went out to Santa Barbara to hang with a friend. She said, “Turn on ‘guitar hero’ before we…”. That’s probably the illest line I’ve ever heard in my life. We carried on. Enjoy!


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