Halo Reach

I’m a huge Halo Reach fan and player. I keep it at picking up the sticks every day to keep my aim correct. I’m not sure which level I’m at right now, but I’m getting up there with the folks that have the eclipses as their icon. Yikes, played against those guys and they mopped my ass up from one side of the screen to the next. I can’t keep up, but I am getting good. My xbox360 name is “abt 1oo taipanZ”. Confusing I know, when I kill someone while playing on online, it’ll read as “You have been killed by about 100 taipans”, or any other variation of that sentence haha. Taipans are very poisonous snakes in Australia. Maybe I’ll get to travel there one day and twerl one around my finger. This isn’t me playing here but I do enjoy watching the pros go at it ever since the Counter Strike days. Enjoy!


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