Geek – Gone Wrong

When I hear this track I feel like someone is spinning and not getting dizzy. Tried to find a clip where someone was super fast, a hero, but I can show them losing a fight. I was never into the whole make sure the hero wins all the time. Villains are powerful too and if you look at hero you can mildly tell if they are a hero or a villain. They both have great powers, why do the villains lose all the time? I would enjoy watching tons of old school Superman or Batman or even Spiderman cartoons where they are all getting fucked up by the villains. It’s OK, the hero can win, but span it out a couple of episodes. I love cartoons. I remember watching these really old cartoons when the newer cartoons end like 8 minutes earlier than when the next cartoon comes on and they show those really short ones before the 30 minute hand strikes. I loved those “in-between” short cartoons. Hence the name, t00n. Enjoy!


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