The Other World

Super Mario made me fall in love with video games. Super Mario on NES was the first game I ever played in my life. We also had Super Mario on GameBoy as well. As a family we used to roll out to those malls in the middle of no where and during those drives, load up some cold drinks and get the GameBoy’s. I remember staying frustrated because I couldn’t beat the first level. Those box controllers were ridiculous haha. I also remember my brother and I always putting on Contra, the best game ever, because it was a Co-op game. He liked to be blue and I liked to be the red guy. Red is my favorite color. I wouldn’t be caught wearing it in Inglewood. I’m everywhere with my writing. It’s OK. Another thing, this guy on this game (could be a chick, as a gamer there is a nice handful of chicks who are into videogames) is super good. Don’t ask how he ran over the flowers without getting killed. “Well that was new”. Enjoy!


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