Witnessing Trouble

I loved Kill Bill soo much! I think the anime scene changed my life though. I remember my brother, my mother and I went to go see this movie at the theatres and was surprised of the anime scene because they didn’t show any of it in the previews. I was floored when I saw it. This beat is also pretty old, I think I made this one year into have my  keyboard. I remember working at CAPCOM and had a buddy there by the name of Howard who also loved music. I would go sit by him and talk about music and how we were going to change our lives outside of work because we both knew the positions we had weren’t going anywhere. We sat, pouted, all day, but when he or I thought of a producer to look up, we weren’t mentally at work anymore. Big ups to Howard for making that job a little less irritating. I remember presenting a different beat to him using the same Afghan sample. This was around the same time when I was experimenting with monk and opera voice samples. When this beat comes on, I feel like someone is just witnessing something terrible but can’t do anything about it. Enjoy!



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