Bad ol’ Pootie Tat

This sample is pretty obvious. Let me tell you, I couldn’t wait to get home after basketball practice to relax and watch some cartoons. This was getting high for me back then at a young age because I could escape basketball, chores, the ladies and my parents’ mouths for a good couple of hours. You can ask any of my ex’s what I enjoyed doing the most when they were around, it was either on the XBOX which I tried to teach all my girlfriends how to play, or it was kicking back and watching cartoons. Although none of those chicks worked out, still have love for all of em! Speaking of which, my high school girlfriend loved Tweety bird. She would call me up and ask, “What should I wear tomorrow? The yellow tweety jacket with the yellow tweety beanie, or, my red chucks with my new red Nascar jacket (those were very ill back in the day)? I’d say, “wear whatever, just don’t be a bad Pootie Tat.” Those Fairfax chicks had too many mirrors in the house. Enjoy!


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