First Round Knock Out!

I must admit, I’ve never beatin Tyson in Punch Out! Yeah, I know, a gamer who hasn’t beatin Tyson in Punch Out! since the elementary school days back on Tremaine Ave. In all honesty, I don’t think anyone in our game driven family beat Punch Out! either. I can give you the reason why, Contra, Super Mario, P.O.W. Well, if someone has a Nintendo and Punch Out! let me spend the night. We listen to this as you watch a gamer lose his head from getting “mallywhopped” by Tyson all night. I could always get to him, never beat him. *Pause*. It’s OK, bet your ears are smiling. You know the sample. Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “First Round Knock Out!

  1. Yeah, so I only lasted 3 seconds in the ring with Mike Tyson, I have the usb controller, and downloaded the roms for all the old NIntendo games, and in 2011 still can’t whoop his ass. lol.. If you want the websites, just holler, you can play with the keypad arrows or with any usb controller, you just have to configure it. I still know the codes, lol. BTW, that shit knocks!

    1. Yeah I used to have all the ROMs. They don’t make too many for mac so I stopped DLing the ROMs. But, XBOX Live and the Wii has a lot of those games now I think. Throw over those codes though!

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