Off the Tongue

Yeah, as much as I love cartoons, they weren’t always the way they are now. I’ve rummaged through a lot of banned cartoons and found a lot of racist ones. Of course nothing I’d get too hurt about, but just want to share what type of cartoons there were before my mother’s and father’s time. I’ve found some racist cartoons playing within the queue of Looney Tune cartoons during the day when Cartoon Network actually showed cartoons. I think nowadays some of the older cartoons come on Boomerang, another cartoon channel. I’ve stopped watching those channels because they don’t show cartoons anymore (I refuse to watch Nickelodeon or the Disney channels). While I was making this beat I thought about a really old cartoon that was, perhaps, racist. The crazy guitar licks in my left ear made me think of something absurd. Music makes my visions go wild. Enjoy!

Believe it or not, I sampled Ernie Hines “Our Generation”. Ah yes.


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