Bach plays for the Moons

I picture J.S. Bach in a mansion, gone mad, playing his violin on his balcony while the world watches. He’s furiously mad, but the world is enjoying the scenes and sounds of him murdering his violin while gazing furiously up at the moon. The moon’s bright light shines only on his balcony and when he looks down at the crowd he can only see the onlookers eyes which in return, to him, look like moons. Bach plays for the Moons (answers your sample as well). I used to really enjoy listening to classical music with my mother in the car, I guess she needed it to cool down her road rage. On the other hand, and don’t laugh but I used to watch Sailor Moon religiously. No, I’m not a bitch but that cartoon I thought was super awesome. It was a routine for me to get up, take a shower, make breakfast and watch Pokemon and Sailor Moon in the morning. My father and mother divorced by this time and guess how far my mother and brother moved from him? Right around the corner haha. Even on weekends I would just walk back to my old crib and spend time with my father and Grandmother. Initially my mother used to take me to school really early because I enjoyed being the very first kid at school. I get to walk around the school without any girls, basketballs, fights or drama over at John Burroughs Middle School. Once I found out I loved the Pokemon and Sailor Moon cartoons I told my mother, “Listen, I’ll be walking to school from now on, don’t worry about me.” Glad I did because I used to be able to jump out the roof. I’m still dunking though don’t get me wrong. And yeah, I sounded exactly the same as I do now. Hilarious. I’m babbling, Enjoy!




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