Indy 500

Sample sounds familiar right? I know. I used to enjoy watching Speed Buggy because he used to stutter a lot! Haha, my buddies and I would walk home from school (it would be like ten of us, no worries about gangs in middle school) talking about cartoons, basketball, girls, and more basketball. I had a buddy who also loved music a lot back in middle school. My boy Marcus knew every line to every song that was out on the radio. So did I. We used to exchange rhymes every day we caught up with each other while walking home. The thing about Marcus was that while he rapped, he would stutter. Back then us kids didn’t have too much of a heart so we’d point and laugh at him. One day I made a noise like Speed Buggy stuttering and had the group crying laughing as I usually did when talking about Marcus. Marcus and I still chat today and talk about Dilla, Madlib, Flying Lotus, and all sorts of other dope producers. Bigups to Marcus for keeping me focused on this music whether it be beats or rhymes. Enjoy!



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