White Mask

Ok don’t laugh. Haha! I can, you can’t. I remember presenting this beat to my boy Merc80 over at Merc80.com and hoping he’d like it. I knew it was weird and different and the sounds were a bit everywhere. I follow my own beat, not yours, not Reasons 4.0. I just hope people understand that. I actually made this a while ago, sometimes I like to let beats simmer before I listen to them again. Bleach is an ill cartoon! Go look it up now and be amazed. The artwork alone is ill. While producing this track from the ground up I remember just letting the record and play buttons play and grabbing different sounds that I never used before. I don’t think I stopped recording too much. Most of the instruments in here I played from start to finish. I don’t know how to play any instruments or read music. Enjoy!


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