Oh I Love this track. I made this beat back in 2008 and bumped it for a good year until my production style changed. I felt that this movie was perfect for the track. I remember seeing this mini animated film a while back and thought it was very dope. I browse youtube quite often as you can tell by my Facebook page (I’m always throwing up some videos that I LIKE). When I saw it I visualized my beat over it but didn’t learn how to combine the two until much later. Currently I’m an intern for a famous actress and she wanted me to create a video for her actors workshop. So I did. That knowledge came in handy. In the real animated movie, the guy actually saved the rose that his wife died from. I didn’t want to put that footage in there because I felt that wasn’t what my beat was saying. If you want to know the inside info on my videos and beats, this is the website. Although you can look at my videos on YouTube, I get down to the nitty gritty here. Enjoy!


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