I’m a huge scary movie fan! I watch some of scariest flicks such as REC, which I rented from Netflix. On the other hand, I watch a lot of terrible B-Rated and C-Rated scary movies. Yes, they suck pretty bad but some of the ideas used are genius work I think. I oftentimes have nightmares when I watch a scary movie at night before I shut my eyes. Sometimes I’ll wake up in a cold sweat from a nightmare or somehow I can control my dreams to where I’m not getting slashed up by some monster. i frequently have nightmares though and enjoy them. I love waking up from the scariest nightmare ever. I just like to see what my brain comes up with when I’m knocked out for a few hours. Controlling my dreams have become a tad boring when it’s a nightmare. Sometimes I like to just sit back and watch the show. I remember my ex and I seeing The Ring at the theatre. I was baffled that it sucked and amazed at how many nightmares I had after watching that flick. I might make another beat off of the way I feel about the movie after watching it a second time. It should be in my mailbox right now from Netflix. My queue consists of 90% scary movies, 5% comedies and 5% classic movies. Join me as I watch the best part of The Ring. Enjoy!


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