When I worked at CAPCOM Interactive I enjoyed testing video games. The problem with it was that I had to hear the same crappy ass music every single day. It hurt my ears. So I stood up and said something. “Listen, I produce music. Why don’t I bring in some samples of music that I can put into this new Megaman game we have coming out?”, I say with pure confidence. My boss returns, “Nah, we’ve never had music like that before in any of our games.” Exactly my point. Although it was fun, it was just a dead end. I’d try to bring up new ways of enjoying our games and ways of having creative attention grabbers but businesses don’t like “new”, but rather just to stay on the same road because it wasn’t a problem in the past. I say, “You don’t get anywhere in life that way.” Either that or dudes were afraid I might take their job and run with it? I’m not very sure but I’m glad I have time to try to make a difference in whatever I get myself into. Hopefully music. This track here I made back when I was at CAPCOM and the thought of making better music in our games arose. I’d rather listen to this while playing Megaman. The purpose was to use 8-bit sounds so that the file was small enough to be put onto a cellphone. Plus a little bit of extra t00n flavor. Enjoy!


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