White Mask

Ok don’t laugh. Haha! I can, you can’t. I remember presenting this beat to my boy Merc80 over at Merc80.com and hoping he’d like it. I knew it was weird and different and the sounds were a bit everywhere. I follow my own beat, not yours, not Reasons 4.0. I just hope people understand that. I actually made this a while ago, sometimes I like to let beats simmer before I listen to them again. Bleach is an ill cartoon! Go look it up now and be amazed. The artwork alone is ill. While producing this track from the ground up I remember just letting the record and play buttons play and grabbing different sounds that I never used before. I don’t think I stopped recording too much. Most of the instruments in here I played from start to finish. I don’t know how to play any instruments or read music. Enjoy!


Falling Down

Let’s see. I think I made this beat almost a good year ago. I think I was 2 years into producing and I wa working on how to chop up samples. This was when I started to understand how Dilla was chopping up his samples. I was chopping too much, he was chopping more. Damnit, I never win. These short black and white cartoons always intrigued me because for these, you enjoy the cartoon for what it is, whether it be funny or silly, but that’s all you get. Which is good. Sometimes you don’t want to follow or remember what happened the last episode, you just want to enjoy the cartoon for what it is. I honestly don’t remember this “yiddish” cartoon, but the style is oh so familiar. I picture myself falling down but always getting back up to fight some more when listening to this beat. Enjoy!

Indy 500

Sample sounds familiar right? I know. I used to enjoy watching Speed Buggy because he used to stutter a lot! Haha, my buddies and I would walk home from school (it would be like ten of us, no worries about gangs in middle school) talking about cartoons, basketball, girls, and more basketball. I had a buddy who also loved music a lot back in middle school. My boy Marcus knew every line to every song that was out on the radio. So did I. We used to exchange rhymes every day we caught up with each other while walking home. The thing about Marcus was that while he rapped, he would stutter. Back then us kids didn’t have too much of a heart so we’d point and laugh at him. One day I made a noise like Speed Buggy stuttering and had the group crying laughing as I usually did when talking about Marcus. Marcus and I still chat today and talk about Dilla, Madlib, Flying Lotus, and all sorts of other dope producers. Bigups to Marcus for keeping me focused on this music whether it be beats or rhymes. Enjoy!


Bach plays for the Moons

I picture J.S. Bach in a mansion, gone mad, playing his violin on his balcony while the world watches. He’s furiously mad, but the world is enjoying the scenes and sounds of him murdering his violin while gazing furiously up at the moon. The moon’s bright light shines only on his balcony and when he looks down at the crowd he can only see the onlookers eyes which in return, to him, look like moons. Bach plays for the Moons (answers your sample as well). I used to really enjoy listening to classical music with my mother in the car, I guess she needed it to cool down her road rage. On the other hand, and don’t laugh but I used to watch Sailor Moon religiously. No, I’m not a bitch but that cartoon I thought was super awesome. It was a routine for me to get up, take a shower, make breakfast and watch Pokemon and Sailor Moon in the morning. My father and mother divorced by this time and guess how far my mother and brother moved from him? Right around the corner haha. Even on weekends I would just walk back to my old crib and spend time with my father and Grandmother. Initially my mother used to take me to school really early because I enjoyed being the very first kid at school. I get to walk around the school without any girls, basketballs, fights or drama over at John Burroughs Middle School. Once I found out I loved the Pokemon and Sailor Moon cartoons I told my mother, “Listen, I’ll be walking to school from now on, don’t worry about me.” Glad I did because I used to be able to jump out the roof. I’m still dunking though don’t get me wrong. And yeah, I sounded exactly the same as I do now. Hilarious. I’m babbling, Enjoy!



Off the Tongue

Yeah, as much as I love cartoons, they weren’t always the way they are now. I’ve rummaged through a lot of banned cartoons and found a lot of racist ones. Of course nothing I’d get too hurt about, but just want to share what type of cartoons there were before my mother’s and father’s time. I’ve found some racist cartoons playing within the queue of Looney Tune cartoons during the day when Cartoon Network actually showed cartoons. I think nowadays some of the older cartoons come on Boomerang, another cartoon channel. I’ve stopped watching those channels because they don’t show cartoons anymore (I refuse to watch Nickelodeon or the Disney channels). While I was making this beat I thought about a really old cartoon that was, perhaps, racist. The crazy guitar licks in my left ear made me think of something absurd. Music makes my visions go wild. Enjoy!

Believe it or not, I sampled Ernie Hines “Our Generation”. Ah yes.

First Round Knock Out!

I must admit, I’ve never beatin Tyson in Punch Out! Yeah, I know, a gamer who hasn’t beatin Tyson in Punch Out! since the elementary school days back on Tremaine Ave. In all honesty, I don’t think anyone in our game driven family beat Punch Out! either. I can give you the reason why, Contra, Super Mario, P.O.W. Well, if someone has a Nintendo and Punch Out! let me spend the night. We listen to this as you watch a gamer lose his head from getting “mallywhopped” by Tyson all night. I could always get to him, never beat him. *Pause*. It’s OK, bet your ears are smiling. You know the sample. Enjoy!

I think I’m going crazy

This was another show I used to stay up and watch, though I believe my father and brother would watch it as well. Though The Tick’s voice changed every 2 years, all the voices they used really stood out to me. Arthur was such a bitch in the show haha. I did like the white hero costume though. This was always a dope cartoon, nothing we would go to school and talk about though. You know what, for Halloween I’m going to dress up as Arthur, I think the ladies would enjoy that. Or better yet, I’ll dress up as a huge tongue and have the ladies line up one at a time. And yes, if you listen closely, the beat does slow down and speed up. My treat. I think I’m going crazy. Enjoy!

Oh and Arthur, don’t do that.

Bad ol’ Pootie Tat

This sample is pretty obvious. Let me tell you, I couldn’t wait to get home after basketball practice to relax and watch some cartoons. This was getting high for me back then at a young age because I could escape basketball, chores, the ladies and my parents’ mouths for a good couple of hours. You can ask any of my ex’s what I enjoyed doing the most when they were around, it was either on the XBOX which I tried to teach all my girlfriends how to play, or it was kicking back and watching cartoons. Although none of those chicks worked out, still have love for all of em! Speaking of which, my high school girlfriend loved Tweety bird. She would call me up and ask, “What should I wear tomorrow? The yellow tweety jacket with the yellow tweety beanie, or, my red chucks with my new red Nascar jacket (those were very ill back in the day)? I’d say, “wear whatever, just don’t be a bad Pootie Tat.” Those Fairfax chicks had too many mirrors in the house. Enjoy!

The Funky Duckman

My brother got me into watching Duckman when I was younger on Comedy Central. It was one of those things where I was younger and had to go to bed 30 minutes before my brother did, but had to beg my father to stay up with my brother to watch the shows he watched. Most of the time he’d say sure, other times it’s “Go to bed!”. Although I still don’t really understand what the cartoon was about because I was so young, I do remember the artwork and Jason Alexander’s voice as anyone would. I felt like someone should be dancing to this beat I made a couple months back. But I felt it was a bit funky, so I envisioned Duckman and his friends dancing to this track. Good luck finding the sample 🙂 . Enjoy!

Attack of the Zombies

Big Xbox360 fan. Although I can’t afford many games or GameFly at the moment, I do hop on Halo: Reach and get some damage done. When I did have GameFly I rented Left 4 Dead. I love first person shooters and I think this guy did pretty well in terms of surviving the part I didn’t pass. Man I can’t wait til I can create my own FPS, the music on my game would be so ill. I just want people to bob their heads while enjoying the massacre of 400 zombies in 10 minutes. Enjoy!