About t00n

What’s good y’all? First off I like to say thank you for coming to my blog. I appreciate the gesture. First off let me say that I’ve been producing for about 3 years now. Most of the time I’ve used Reasons 4.0 software for my beats, as well as dabbling with Logic Pro 8 and Ableton Live. I always ran back to Reasons. I got into producing because one my good homies put on some J Dilla for me while we were chilling with my brother and a couple of other friends. I always loved beats since my brother threw on “Triumph” by Wu-Tang Clan. Once I heard that beat I was in love with hip hop. The RZA is deadly on the keys. Once I was introduced musically to J. Dilla I had no choice but to ask for a keyboard for my birthday. Now that I’ve gotten the hang of Reasons and my style musically, I want to share my music with you guys. Not only will you get music, but you will get a nice video to compliment my beats. I’d rather not just stick with audio anymore. Hope you enjoy.

oh, and enjoy


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